We sat down with the 240-page novel, “Its Really a Story of the Weather” and had conversations about the possibility of telling the story through photographs and then after merging it with the words.  But later we decided the photos should be taken so as to tell their own version.  After that we distilled the book down to less than a quarter of its original length.

A Visualized Novel is what we call a story told through words and images: two narratives, two media, independent yet interwoven to symbiotically tell the story with our tools: one of us a writer, the other, a photographer.

The Right At Dawn website makes it possible to bring a new platform of enjoying a story to the ever evolving digital world.


KEEGAN GIBBS – photographer

Born in a family of artists, Keegan Gibbs was literally skateboarding while still in diapers (his parents have video to prove it). Raised by the ocean, this aquatic biped found the best way to express his love of all things salt water, was through photography. When not shooting, his main goal is to surf and travel as much as he possibly can on the quest to finding the hollowest tube, the longest wave, and the most crackable lip.


Ryan Patrick – writer

A writer, surfer, traveler from Southern California, between the mountains and the sea.  And lover of books.

“It’s really a story of the weather”  (here called Right At Dawn) is about surfers, surfing, love and fear.

His first book (here called Fiesta) is about a young man in Spain falling in love and fighting to create a place for himself among deepening chaos.